GREE Advertises At San Francisco International Airport

GREE [J] has begun corporate branding advertisement at San Francisco International Airport from this month as a measure towards global promotion.
Already they have been expanding [J] airport advertising at Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport International Terminal since April, but this time they have begun global promotion in America along with their first appearance at the “Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012” (E3), the biggest game show in the world, held from June 5th-7th.  The advertisement features the appearance of the slogan “Where gaming is going.” along with an image of smartphones displaying game screens, and these contents appeal to the possibilities of the diffusion of smartphones globally together with continually changing games.  At present these are being displayed at 10 locations at San Francisco International Airport’s concourse, and it is expected that they will catch the eyes of the people who visit the IT industry’s greatest location at Silicon Valley.
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