GREE Social Game “Tanken Dorirando” Starts As Comic Series

A comic series of GREE’s in-house social game “Tanken Dorirando” (Explore Dori-Land) has begun for Shueisha’s monthly comic magazine JumpSQ. (Square) [J] as of August 4th.
“Tanken Dorirando” is a popular social game developed and managed by GREE from 2008.  It consists of adventuring through a series of dungeons, defeating monsters and getting treasure, and from last month it begain to air as a TV animation. [J]  This time the comic series is a comicalization of the anime version of “Tanken Dorirando,” but it will include episodes not presented in the game or the anime.
Jump SQ. (Square) September 2012 issue [Magazine] [J]

TV Anime “Tanken Dorirando” Theme Song “Together” [J]

by G-Tools
Translation authorized by VSMedia

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