Ambition Releases Beautiful Girl Commander Nurturing Social Game “Ixa Kiss” For GREE

Ambition [J] has released the new social game “Ixa Kiss” (Battle Kiss).
“Ixa Kiss” is a card battle style social game in which the player becomes a shogun and summons beautiful girl commanders, and through repeated training builds up their strongest deck, aiming for unification in troubled times.  By the “Advance to Battle” part, you use up hit points and get experience points and bells, military commander and family crest fragements.  When you complete every “Advance to Battle” part for each story, a boss comes out, and by defeating the boss, it’s possible to advance to the next tale.  Also with the “Training” part, you use bells acquired from the “Advance to Battle” part, and by forging it’s possible to strengthen cards by combining two commander cards together.  Furthermore apart from common training there is “Love Training”, and with this the commanders fall in love with the player, making abilities change along with the card visuals.  You can have “Love Training” with all the commanders, so you can build up your very own special deck made up of chosen commanders in love status.  What’s more, with the “Duel” part, you can challenge other shoguns to a duel.  Likewise there are times when you will be challenged to a duel by other shoguns, and you can also snatch bells to use for training and family crest fragments from the enemy if you win the duel.  Rare commanders can be obtained when you collect all 6 kinds of family crests in a series.

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