Toothbrushing Anime Girls Game Coming

Hamigakibiyori (means “A good day to brush teeth” in Japanese), a free iPhone game on which you can brush teeth of several anime girls, is planned to release soon, “Unless rejected by Apple” as the official says.


By good brushing, you gain “love points”, by which you may purchase new toothbrushes.

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Toothbrushing Anime Girls Game Coming

Un-breakout – Burokku-Kuzushi Game Reversed


Burokku Kuzusasnu (not destructing blocks) is a new browser game released by @utyo on January 19, and quickly buzzed in Japan.


The game is based on Brokku Kuzushi (block destruciton), a category points clone games of legendary 1972 Atari Breakout. But on this Burokku Kuzusanu, your goal is totally opposite, try not to break blocks.

Un-breakout – Burokku-Kuzushi Game Reversed

Robot For Smartphone Coin Pusher Games

A Twitter user @suzuki_jidouka (Suzuki is a Japanese surname, jidouka means automation) showed that he had created a robot for his little sister who wants to earn more coins on coin pusher game on smartphone.

The sister asked him if she would earn points effectively by tapping the smartphone screen twice per second all through the night (while she sleeps).

Suzuki assembled this machine with Tamiya’s construction kits, with caring safety for kids.

It worked good but the only problem is that it makes pretty big noise.

Tokyo Met Government Releases Puzzle Game To Enlighten Consumer Intelligece For iOS And Android

Tokyo Metropolitan Government bureau of citizens and cultural affairs released an iOS/Android app “Mamore! Shuuma & Elme”(mamore = protect), which is the first ever game app to pass on consumer information by local government in Japan, according to the release [J].

The game itself is a typical puzzle game, where you need to line up three balloons to erase. The app has a notification bar at the top, like mobile ads, to inform heads-up of several anecdotal deceiving cases.

[app id:616616618] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

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