Let’s Make A Battleship! Phyzion Releases 3D Battlship Creation App “Battleship Craft”

Phyzios [J] has released an iOS game application “Battleship Craft,” which uses its own particular physics engine.  Download is free.
“Battleship Craft” is a naval battle game which fuses the fun of manufacturing with real action.  Users use various weapons and block parts in the 3D space to build an original battleship and can engage in battle with other users.  The battleship’s actions use Phyzios’ particular physics engine, and real physical phenomenon such as buoyancy, water resistance, gravity, and so on, are replicated.  Depending on things like the method of fixing screws and the rudder, and the combination and arrangement of parts, the ship’s movements at sea, ebbing and flowing, speed, rotation, stamina, and the like, will change.  In “Battle Mode,” matching takes place via Ad Hoc or Game Center, and you can challenge users from all over the world in real time depending on what’s going on that morning or evening or whenever.  Furthermore, the background music in the game offered by the Marine Self Defense Force (Performance: Marine Self Defence Force Band) uses the marching songs “Battleship” and “ShikiShima Warship”

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