Facebook Adds Kansai-ben(dialect)

Facebook Japan added today a new language selection “Japanese (Kansai)” for its web versions (PC and mobile), Weekly Ascii Plus reported.


In Kansai-ben, “Iine!”(Like!) is displayed as “Eeyan!”, “Comment” is replaced with “Tsukkomu”.

via Weekly Ascii Plus

Facebook Adds Kansai-ben(dialect)

Facebook Adds QR-Code to Add Friends via 2D Barcode for Japan

AndroWire reported that Facebook added a new QR Code profile feature only for Japanese users.

Facebook users on iOS and Android can show a QR Code from a user profile, on which others can access and request to be a Facebook friend.

Early this week, Facebook released stamps on comments feature for Japan, at now only for Japan.

Facebook Adds QR-Code to Add Friends via 2D Barcode for Japan

Yomiuri Accuses A Cook Uploads Cooking Photo On Facebook

Yomiuri Shinbun, the world’s largest newspaper, today reported a new culprit who played over food and social media photo [J]. It is the latest one on the series of the stupid social media users.

This bad guy carried in his own smart phone at his workplace, a school lunch center in Nagano prefecture, took photos of dish, cooking process and how sinks were washed, then uploaded those photos on Facebook on both July 24th and 25th.

A local board of education chairman answered to Yomiuri that he deeply apologized on this serious problem which might unhinge people’s trust on food safety of school lunch.

The boom of discovering food-playing photos on social media is now becoming a big boom and traditional media like Yomiuri Shinbun are desperate to find a new culprit.

Facebook Japan Replaces Its Head Following To Mixi

3 days ago we reported that Mixi is to have a young new president. Now Facebook Japan announced that a new president, according to Markezine [J]. Same as Mixi, this is the first time of presidency change.

Atsuhi Iwashita, who is going to take the president seat on May 20, have served as CEO for Interbarnd’s Japan arm since 2010. Before that, he worked for McDonald Japan as a Chief Marketing Officer.

Facebook once passed Mixi by number of active users, but recently the number dropped down from its peak, at least on the number Facebook itself shows on its advertisement tool. Mixi shows gradual decrease but not such big so at this point which social network is bigger in Japan depends on which research you rely on.

Mixi Adds Facebook-like Poke With Comic Fonts Messages


Mixi added a new feature “Mixi Hello!” on March 25. With it, users can send pre-set messages in comic style to your friends, by 1-click without writing any letter.


The pre-set messages are, “Oh Yeah!”, “Hello!”, “Long time no see”, “Hi”, “How are you?” and “Take care”.

Mixi said [J] that the function was introduced by users’ request, which asked to have more communications casually.