Otagei – Too Much Trained Audience’ Dance In Japan

They are not artists, just regular Japanese mostly girls idol fans who buy tickets, chant and dance from auditorium to try to let their icons recognize them. Their performance is called “Otagei” (オタ芸 = Otaku + Gei, act/art).

You may easily imagine that many other regular audience do not welcome their space-taking, sometimes annoying moves and noises, but this one seemed to make even people dislike them impressed.

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Fan’s Made Virtual Singer Hatsune Miku Concert “At Home”

As Google evangelized that Hatsune Miku is an user-generated phenomenon, not just a girl’s voice synthesizer application. Then, all of her characters, song, voice and dances at concerts may not be a possessions of officials. Fans are trying to reproduce her concerts in their rooms.

YouTube user aokikc used a mosquito screen as a substitute for expensive DILAD screen.

39diyMMDConcert from US reproduced her Mikunopolis concert in Los Angels.

To let her dance, they use MMD(Miku Miku Dance).

Japanese Virtual Diva Hatsune Miku First US Tour In July

[Update] Although first on hologram system, Hatsune Miku already had a regular screen concert in San Francisco. (hat tip to @miyagawa)

Hatsune Miku live in L.A.

Japanese virtual singing instrument application Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku will hold a concert at “ANIME EXPO 2011” in Los Angeles on July 2. This is the first time that she holds concert oversea.

Recently, Toyota USA featured Hatsune Miku for its Corolla promotion.

Therefore ANIME EXPO and TOYOYA jointly hold the concert of Hatsune Miku.  Sega produces 3DCG and Crypton Future Media takes charge of the entire supervision.

She already held three concerts in Japan (The first live was in 2009).  Huge transparent screen of 2m×6m was fixed in the stage and her 3DCG was reflected over it. All other members of her band are real human.

Movies from her 2009 stage,

The concert in Los Angeles will be held with the improved version of this concert.

Hatsune Miku topped Japanese music chart the first time as non-human in 2010.

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Cyndi Lauper To Sing For Japan Earthquake Relief Tonight Online

Cyndi Lauper, a big name American pop singer, who has been touring Japan since March 15th for concerts in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka, is giving suffered Japan a big online present – live concert [J].

Backed by a Japanese movie sharing service Nico Nico Douga, tonight’s her final concert in Japan will be aired from NHK Osaka Hall on Nico Nico Namahousou [J] (Namahousou = live stream) from 19:00. It is for free, whilst the concert tickets cost 9,500-11,500 yen(US$117-142).

[Update] You may watch the live on the tour official site without Nico Nico account. The number of watchers already passed 30,000 after the first few songs.

You will be able to enter the live at 18:50 from the event page on Nico Nico Namahousou [J]. From cellphone, you need to visit http://m.nicovideo.jp/ and go to “Nico Nama Mobile” corner. In iPhone case, Nico Nico Namahousou Appli [J] is needed.

And if you do not have Nico Nico Douga’s account, here is our article on registration and usage.

“By Cyndi’s strong will, we decided to broadcast the ‘Cyndy Lauper Memphis Blues Japan Tour 2011 Osaka Final’ for Japanese people whom she loves!”

The message on the tour site

Under the situation many people fled from Tohoku, Tokyo and even from Japan, Cyndi Lauper, who just arrived Japan after the quake on the same day, decided to run the tour including three days in unsettled Tokyo. When even most Japanese artists canceled their concerts around the nation [J]. She called fundraise for the quake victims at venue by herself.

[Update 22:30] The concert was watched by over 120,000 people at peak.

It was good number as the live stream was just announced few hours before that.

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Idol Event In Ameba Pigg Gathers 15,000 Users Online

An idol unit “Team Pigg Mint” held a gig in Japanese virtual world “Ameba Pigg” [J] on November 3rd.




Team Pigg Mint is an unit selected from members of popular girls group “AKB48” [J], who has been running long-term promotion in Ameba Pigg.



The above are virtual goods to reproduce the same fashion with their stage costumes.











These are screen shots of their concert.

Of course, “real” Team Pigg Mint members operated the Team Pigg Mint avatars.

The “real life” Team Pigg Mint members.

Ameba Pigg’s events are very popular, and 15,000 users gathered in this event. Ameba Pigg’s developer company Cyber Agent sold the event tickets on a limited sales for 150 yen, which were sold out!


Whenever Ameba Pigg events happens, they prepare a lot of virtual “halls”(server). (Whichever hall an user log in, you can watch the same artists’ avatar.) But, this was the first time that over 10,000 audiences attended for the same event simultaneously. Perhaps, that amount of attendees might be the first time in Japanese virtual world business history, too.

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