Google+ TV CM Featuring AKB48 Election

Do people oversea believe the AKB48 election, to decide which girls of the idol group should sing in front line of bunch of members, are more important than political election for some Japanese?

Google Japan, who chose AKB48 as its promotional force last Deccember, featured Atsuko Maeda’s speech during the last election for TV commercial film of Google+.

“This year’s legend has already begun. Enjoy the AKB48 General Election, all on Google+.”

Here is the longer version if you like to listen her more.

The election is being broadcasted now on YouTube 17:30-20:00 June 5, Japan Standard Time.

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AKB48 Girls In Augmented Reality Campaign For Hewlett Packard Japan

Hewlett Packard Japan [J] has announced the development of “Love PC, Love HP AR,” a series of augmented reality advertisements with smartphone support to appear in 7 comics, and the “Love PC, Love HP Trailer,” which will be going all around Japan until the beginning of February, as part of their “Love PC, Love HP” campaign targeted at promoting PC sales.

“Love PC, Love HP AR” has the AKB48 members Maeda Atsuko, Shinoda Mariko, Kojima Haruna, Itano Tomomi, and Mitsumune Kaori used as graphics posted on the trailer exterior as well as in 7 comics as an “AR Marker.”  When you look at this with the camera terminal of the smartphone AR application “Aurasma Lite,” an augmented reality video plays back on the screen.  In the AR video, a pattern for each AKB48 member appears, currently playing member and non-PC commercial messages will stream, and at the end the Facebook page and “Love PC, Love HP smartphone site” can be accessed.

Translation authorized by VSMedia

Google Japan Runs AKB48 Commercial For Galaxy Nexus, Which Is Almost Free On Shop

Google is airing a commercial of its Android reference handset Galaxy Nexus, with AKB48, who is the top girls idol group, who also cooperates on Google+ promotion in Japanese.

The commercial song is sung by the selected members of AKB48 for Google+, called “Gugutasu Senbatsu”(Gugu = abbrev of Google, tasu=to add, senbatsu=selection) Gugutasu is a nickname which AKB48 people gave to Google+).

Galaxy Nexus, sold by NTT Docomo in Japan since December 2011, only 4 months ago, is offered heavy discount at retail this month. Docomo runs discount campaign by the end of March for several Android models released in 2011. On its online shop Galaxy Nexus is sold at 10,800(US$130) for current Docomo users to add up. I myself saw 8,800 yen tags at a large electronics retail store in Akihabara. Some shops are selling them for free but they are rapidly sold out as 2-channel users and other individual resellers have been hunting the free ones. It does not come with any obligation (like 2 years subscription), only limitation is that you have not purchased other Docomo phone in past one month on the contract.

What Docomo can take from this deal is more monthly charge only if the purchasing user changed from feature phone, which fixed data plan is less expensive than the one for smartphone. Some of the feature phone user might not be using any data plan so in that case 5,480-5,980 yen more expense monthly.

Nikkei Trendy analyzed that this discount was introduced because the handset was unpopular for Japanese customers, because it does not have many features other Japanese handsets do not have, such like Osaifu Ketai(e-wallet for trains and shops), One-seg TV, no micro SD card slot, etc. They also said that Galaxy Nexus is too large for Japanese, especially for ladies.

But other 2011 models from Sony, NEC-Casio, Panasonic, Sharp are getting the similar discount. I guess that there were some mistakes on smartphone demand forecasting by Docomo.

Dole Japan Offers Special Bananas Listened AKB48 For Ripening At Tokyo Marathon 2012

2012 version of annual Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 26, with 36,000 runners who luckily win the lottery from 283,988 applicants.

At the marathon, one of the official supplier Dole Japan is going to provide 96,000 “lucky” bananas, named “Goku Sen”(Extremely Selected) [J], which will be chosen from its over 100 kind of bananas, harvested from its special farm in Philippine in early February.

After arrival at Japan, on its 7-days ripening process, Dole Japan will apply a special treatment for this special occasion, air the Japan’s most popular girls unit AKB48’s hit number “Heavy Rotation” to let banana listen.

The song was chosen because the research over the member of Toyo University Ekiden club, who won the annual Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden road relay this January, showed that the song is the most favorite in the club members’ private and training time.

There was a myth that Japanese stock farmer let cow listen Mozart to make beef tender in English news before. But there is a company who sell Mozart-listening banana [J]. Their page says that another Mozart thing was tried for Tomato and Japanese sake.

Dole Japan opened the special site for this lucky banana, with banana-related quiz and games. The site is also connected with Twitter/Facebook.

On February 8 at Japan’s first banana vending machine in Shibuya, Dole will do this lucky banana give-away for people who check in on Facebook, Mixi or Foursquare.

via Ichigaya Keizai Shimbun [J]

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Aso-city Mayor Sings AKB Song At Coming-of-Age Day Celebration

Every year on the coming-of-age national holiday, when people celebrate reaching 20 years old, 2-channelers criticize youthful escapades, such like too drunk and/or violent behavior on a ceremony, reported on media.

But this local mayor of Aso-city, Yoshioki Satoh went wilder than 20-yo first drunkers. He sang Masaharu Fukuyama and AKB48 songs in front of 254 young attendees.

According to NHK [J], he does this kind of performance every year.

Here is the AKB48’s original version for case you want to compare.

via News4vip [J]