Koozyt Heads Up Production Space At Biohazard CAFE & GRILL “S.T.A.R.S”

Koozyt, Inc. has taken charge of the production space at the Biohazard CAFE & GRILL “S.T.A.R.S” [J] (Biohazard is the Japanese version of Resident Evil) which has opened on the 7th floor of the Shibuya Parco Part 1.  They are developing projection mapping which freely uses multiple super small focus projectors, the first attempt in the world to have this type of installation inside a restaurant.

Biohazard CAFE & GRILL “S.T.A.R.S” is developed based on the concept of the survival horror game “Biohazard.”  CS2 Inc. is in charge of coordinating the production, and Koozyt is handling the production space using AR (Augmented Reality) technology and projection mapping.  The shop interior presents the world of the special aerial police force “S.T.A.R.S” which also appears in the game, and the creature “Tyrant” is captured within a glass case in the back part of the floor.  This time, based on the Location Amp [J] developed by Koozyt, Tyrant comes alive.

Biohazard Operation Raccoon City [J]


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“Electronic Brain Glasses Summit” To Be Held August 4th

Fukui Prefecture Sabae City [J] and Sabae IT Propulsion Forum Executive Committee [J] are holding “Electronic Brain Glasses Summit” [J] at Fuikui Prefecture Sabae City Culture Center on August 4th.

Sabae city is a production area for glasses producing 95% of all glasses in Japan, and also recently they are focusing their attention on the development and application of IT technology as “IT Town Sabae,” with public wireless LAN maintenance, maintenance of internet broadcasting offices that use Ustream / YouTube, and application of the advancement of public welfare through IT.  The “Electronic Brain Glasses Summit” is about new ways of using electronic brain glasses in the near future, and inviting and talking together with starting guest Mitsugi Sanae, producer of the anime about new technology “Dennou Coil” (Electronic Brain Coil).  During the event they will be having public presentation of the “Electronic Brain Glasses Contest” which is recruiting from last month. [J]

Electronic Brain Coil Blu-ray Disc Box

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Panasonic To Sell Nanoe TV, Which Inhibits Mold And Odor

Panasonic announced that they would ship a new TV of its Viera series. This CF5, which is planned to be sold late June has a Nanoe generator, which converts water into Nanoe Ion wrapped in water molecules. Panasonic claims that the ion suppresses fungi, mites and pollen, removes odor and realizes “Uruoi Bihada Kuukan”, which means “moist beautiful-skin field” in Japanese.

Having been pressured for years by plain-vanilla inexpensive TV from other Asian countries, Japanese TV vendors seem to lose ideas how to differentiate their rather expensive products by what features they add. And from US, there are new generation TV experiences coming which do not care hardware features but software integration over the Internet.

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Human Form 3D Input Device QUMARION Ready For Pre-Users

Celsys [J] have begun to recruit the first pre-users of “QUMARION,” [J] a 3DCG data input device.

“QUMARION” is a human shaped device with joints developed from 2009 by the teamwork of  Softether, Celsys, and Pipian, a venture business company launched by The University of Electro-Communications. It can capture the doll’s poses at specific moments by the sensors in its joints, and you can create animation or still images using intuitive 3DCG operation.  Before its product launch, they’re going to carry out an “advance preview” to be able to test QUMARION one step ahead of its release.  Advance preview users will be delivered QUMARION itself along with its related software and actually be able to try out making a piece of work using QUMARION.  Also, pre-users who clear certain conditions will be given the complete QUMARION package as a reward.  From now information about advance preview users will be announced at some point on the official product site.

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DNP Develops DC-Code, Invisible QR-Code Alternative

Dai Nippon Printing(DNP), the world’s largest printing firm released a free Android app which works with DC Code, which is like popular 2D barcode “QR code” but invisible.

The app instruction is like this,

(1) download app by searching “QUEMA” on Android Market
(2) run the app
(3) hold up your Android over the printings which have digital watermark
(4) related contents (video for example) will be played from your code

DNP named the system using DC Code and smratphone reader app as QUEMA(QUick and Easy Media Access).

Agreed that QR Codes on posters and magazines take some spaces, and that may be annoying for people who do not use QR Code. However, if it is invisible how can people notice that the code is there? Actually, touch-less radio-communication system like NFC has the same problem when you try to use it like QR Code.

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