Men Can Experience Pregnancy With “Mommy Tummy,” A Serious Game

Kanagawa Engineering College Kosaka Laboratory exhibited their serious game which simulates the experience of pregnancy, “Mommy Tummy,” at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

“Mommy Tummy” is a serious game which allows you to have personal experience of the roughly 10 month period of pregnancy in two minutes.  The condition of pregnancy is emulated by wearing a suit into which special stomach and chest sensor devices are inserted.

A water bag is fitted into the suit, and by injecting hot water into the bag, it simulates the experience of the belly getting bigger as the developing foetus grows little by little.  Also a “fetal movement belt” is placed at the back of the stomach; this gives users a body vibration and the sensation of “being kicked” from inside the stomach.  On the monitor, the present condition of the foetus, how big it is and how it’s moving are displayed, bringing a real sense of the actual feeling of pregnancy.  All of the CG of the foetus are coordinated with the sensor of the suit, so for instance if you move violently its mood gets bad, if you pat your stomach its mood gets better, and it changes depending on the user’s movements.  A touch sensor is included on the front of the stomach to perceive patting motions.  This seems to present the message of “restful pregnancy,” as too much violent movement results in “miscarriage,” a bad ending also included in the game.
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