“Let There Be Light” – Voice Controlled 114sqft Japanese Work/Bedroom

A Hatena blogger id:rti7743 reported that he made his new 10.6 square meters bedroom with futuristic functions [J].
He set up the following gears;
– replaced curtain with 100-inch projector screen
NEC NP-U310WJD short focus projector

– 2 microphones
– self-programmed voice recognition system
iRemocon, (remocon = remote controller) network-connected remote controller which can learn other ultra-red controller commands
– regular PC (though it has 512GB SSD) with two LCDs
– Ubuntu server with 18TB hard drives
– Japanese kotatsu (heating low-table)
– Another LCD hanged on a bed
– an extra speaker in pillow
In the small room, he can control many things only by speaking. For example, you may turn off lights by “Barusu”, the spell of destruction.
Video shows what his casting “Hikari Are”(Let there be light) caused,

Another command, “Turn off the lights, computer”

“Sakura (girl’s name, probably from anime), turn on the air-conditioner!”

Lights, air-conditioner, kotatsu, projector, music and many more can be controlled just by talking.
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