enchant.js: New HTML5/JavaScript Game Engine For Smartphones

Tokyo-based Ubiquitous Entertainment (UEI) announced [JP] “enchant.js” yesterday, an HTML5/JavaScript game engine for smartphones (and PCs). The engine is available in beta, it’s open source (dual license MIT or GPL on github), and entirely free to use.
UEI says their aim with the release of the engine is to motivate young people in particular to start programming games as well as to lower the hurdle for entry into their 9leap game creation contest (more info on that here).
The company not only provides the code, but also a range of graphics from previous game titles for free (a map editor and other elements are in the works).
The features of enchant.js include:

  • 2D sprite library
  • multi-layer background scrolling
  • collision detection
  • ActionScript-like event model
  • etc.

enchant.js is the brainchild of Ryo Tanaka (who is just 19 years old).
The game engine supports Android 2.1 and up, plus iOS 3.0 and up.
Here are two screenshots from games that have been created with enchant.js:

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