Perstext – Draw Text Perspectively Over Photo From Canon

Canon Marketing’s iPhone app Perstext let you decorate your photo with text in perspective way.


Genre: 写真/ビデオ, エンターテインメント
Language: English, Japanese
Price: free
Version: 1.3.3 1.1.0

Artist: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Released at: October 30, 2014


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The app supports Japanese and English but seems available only in Japanese app store so far. The app offers more effects and fonts with in-app purchase.

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Perstext – Draw Text Perspectively Over Photo From Canon

Toothbrushing Anime Girls Game Coming

Hamigakibiyori (means “A good day to brush teeth” in Japanese), a free iPhone game on which you can brush teeth of several anime girls, is planned to release soon, “Unless rejected by Apple” as the official says.


By good brushing, you gain “love points”, by which you may purchase new toothbrushes.

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Toothbrushing Anime Girls Game Coming

Mixi Renewed iPhone Messaging App With Stamp/Photo

Mixi released an new iPhone app “Mixi Talk”, which enables users to send Mixi message with stamps and photos.

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Mixi has been offering an official iOS app, which covers more features from PC/feature-phone Mixi. This message app seems to try to stop losing users who are migrating to a growing messaging network LINE, boasting its popular stamp exchanging culture.

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Ranking★TV By GREE Recommends Popular TV Shows

Gree Inc.
[J] has released Ranking★TV [J], an application for iOS which recommends popular TV programs before being broadcast, based on a ranking system.  It uses Toshiba’s REGZA cloud service “TimeOn,” and download is free.

“Ranking TV” is an app which is based on statistical data from Toshiba compatible TVs, BD and DVD recorders all over Japan.  It then distributes TV shows which viewers want to see with its ranking system using this data and user actions within the app itself.  Until now program rankings were based on viewer ratings, but this is the first time to try out offering rankings using data from video recording devices.

Users check rankings daily, and when they push the “Want to watch!” button, the scheduled time is logged into the iPhone’s calendar, sending a notice before it begins.  It’s also possible to share programs you want to watch with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or the SNS “GREE.”  Furthermore it’s possible to customize the ranking to your preference by setting an order to your preferred genres with the “picky setting.”

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“What the … ?” Remodeling TV Show Released As iOS Game App

Asahi Broadcasting Company [J] and Smikie Inc. [J] have released an iOS game application themed on the popular TV series “Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before After” (Great Remodeling!! Dramatic Before and After).  Download is free.

In this construction and management simulation game, the player becomes an artisan builder and craftsman by making home improvements and spicing it up by arranging various items around the house.  Already a title of the same name is offered for GREE [J], but it has no connection with this and is a separate game of its own.  Purchasing items requires coins, but you can raise plants to acquire them in your garden, so free play is possible.  Also it has social components where you can visit friends’ houses.

Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before After [J]

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