“What the … ?” Remodeling TV Show Released As iOS Game App

Asahi Broadcasting Company [J] and Smikie Inc. [J] have released an iOS game application themed on the popular TV series “Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before After” (Great Remodeling!! Dramatic Before and After).  Download is free.

In this construction and management simulation game, the player becomes an artisan builder and craftsman by making home improvements and spicing it up by arranging various items around the house.  Already a title of the same name is offered for GREE [J], but it has no connection with this and is a separate game of its own.  Purchasing items requires coins, but you can raise plants to acquire them in your garden, so free play is possible.  Also it has social components where you can visit friends’ houses.

Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before After [J]

Translation authorized by VSMedia

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