Cardboard Theater Meme – Good for Japanese Small House

Budget immersive movie experience has been around Japanese Twitter. coined term ダンボール映画館(cardboard theater)

Microsoft Japan Finally Upgrades Staffs’ 4 Years-old Windows Phone

Microsoft Japan announced today that its employees are to get Lumia 830 instead of their current Windows Phone IS12T, Windows Phone device which are not sold in Japan. The announcement also notes that the company got Lumia 830’s Giteki-certification only for this purpose, to legalize its employees’ usage of the phone.

IS12T, made by Fujitsu and provided by KDDI au since 2011, is the only-ever sold Windows Phone in Japan. (There are a few SIM-free Windows Phone being planned for this summer by rather small vendors.)

IS12T is only upgradable from Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8, not the latest version 8.0. Because of such situation, both user and application bases of Windows Phone are now pretty inactive in Japan. It seems that MS Japan staff have been forced to use the IS12T for 4 years.

Microsoft Japan tells that the Lumia 830 Giteki-certified does not directly mean that the handset would be available for regular Japanese consumers.

Some pointed out on Twitter that this move may be related with the Microsoft Japan’s developers event de:code held tomorrow. As the event attendees might be gifted Windows Phone, and as there are no other legal Windows Phone in Japan, that would be this same Giteki-certified Lumia 830.

via PC Watch

The Head of Japan’s 4th Largest Web Company Arrested By Hosting Porn

Jiji just reported[J] that the Kyoto and other police arrested the president of Osaka-based Home Page System by allowing FC2 users upload obscene videos. Ex-president and a brother of the FC2 founder is also under arrest.


Home Page System has been claiming themselves as a PR company for FC2, one of the largest Japanese web service which is running vast variations of user-generated services including bulletin board, video sharing, blog, social network, etc. According to Alexa, FC2’s traffic is ranked at 4th among all Japanese web services, only after Yahoo! Japan, Google Japan and Amazon Japan.

FC2 is well known by claiming to be an American company based in Las Vegas, therefore the contents are not restricted by Japanese law. The Las Vegas address is a rental address and it has been suspected years that the Home Page System is the substantive owner of the site. Until recently, the trick seemed working and most of illegal contents uploaders had been gathering to FC2, and selling micro contents (even they do not own copyrights) to vast Japanese visitors.

Last September, the Home Page System was raided by Kyoto Police by letting its user broadcast live porn programs. That raid did not change much the services on FC2.


[Update] FC2 stated its position on the official blog [J] that the arrested person is not the president of FC2 but the president of the outsourcing developer company.

Baidu Japan Shut Down Search Service

[Update] Baidu Japan site is on, but there is no search form any more.

Baidu Japan ( ), a Japanese arm of the Chinese largest search company Baidu, has been unreachablestopped offering search service for Japanese.

SEM Research blog pointed out that the Baidu Japan’s search service was removed and the site only had company profile. Its Japanese service launched in March 2007, and stopped image and video search in July 2013.

Perstext – Draw Text Perspectively Over Photo From Canon

Canon Marketing’s iPhone app Perstext let you decorate your photo with text in perspective way.


Genre: 写真/ビデオ, エンターテインメント
Language: English, Japanese
Devices: iPad2Wifi, iPadFourthGen, iPodTouchSixthGen, iPhone4S, iPadMini4G, iPad23G, iPhone5, iPadMini, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus, iPhone4, iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPadFourthGen4G
Price: free
Version: 1.3.1

Artist: Canon Marketing Japan Inc.
Released at: October 30, 2014
User Rating (all version):
(by 89)
User Rating (current version): no rating yet


screenshot 0screenshot 1screenshot 2screenshot 3screenshot 4screenshot 0screenshot 1screenshot 2screenshot 3screenshot 4

The app supports Japanese and English but seems available only in Japanese app store so far. The app offers more effects and fonts with in-app purchase.

via Tatsuwo no Changelog

E-mail Mistakenly Addressed to Mr./Ms. “Blacklist”

Mainichi reports[ja] that Minnano Seimei Hoken Advisor, a web service provides life insurance review, sent e-mails started with “To: Blacklist-sama” about 2,000 its customers by mistake.

Power Planning, the company who runs the site, told to Mainichi that the customers received those mails are not the one on their real black lists, if you believe it.

Last week on February 28, GMO Internet failed to send rejection letter to 23,397 people, who ever applied before since 2006.