Facebook Adds QR-Code to Add Friends via 2D Barcode for Japan

AndroWire reported that Facebook added a new QR Code profile feature only for Japanese users.

Facebook users on iOS and Android can show a QR Code from a user profile, on which others can access and request to be a Facebook friend.

Early this week, Facebook released stamps on comments feature for Japan, at now only for Japan.

Yahoo! Japan Mail Troubled – 3.8 Million Users Affected

NikkeiBP reported that 3,794,777 Yahoo! Japan Mail users were unable to access the service since around 9:30 a.m. September 30.

The number of affected users is about 8% of whole 50 million users. Troubled hardware are being replaced and are supposed to resume tomorrow, October 3.

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Amazon Japan Makes Larger Mailbox for their Parcels

According to IT Media [J], Amazon Japan, Japan Post and Nasta jointly designed a new mailbox, which allows people to receive larger boxes, reduce redelivers.


On Amazon’s product review, already 7 users reviewed with averaged 1.5 stars. Most say that 32,000 yen (already 35% off though) is too expensive. One points out that Amazon’s parcels tend to be bigger than other shopping services in Japan.

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Photo Tweet A Minute Before Today’s Volcano Eruption Worried

A Japanese hiker @setori_ tweeted with a photo around a crater on Mt. Ontake, Nagano.

The tweet’s time 11:52 a.m is just one minute before the mountain erupted. There are no newer tweets from this person and Japanese web users are anxious.


Video by another hiker is uploaded on YouTube.

Public TV NHK used this video on their news tonight.

[Update 2]

According to @cooliceco, @setori_ posted a tweet saying that she safely came back from the mountain, but then she removed her account. (if believe the screenshots)

There are several accounts with name @setori_(digits) claiming that she is the original hiker opened a new account, but all seem fake and trolling.