Toshiba to Sell First Japanese Chromebook Next Month, Sankei Says

Sankei reported [J] today (March 8) that Toshiba is going to ship the first Chromebook in Japan earliest in April.

Mixi To Replace CEO President After One Year

Today Mixi announced [J] that Yusuke Asakura, who took the lead at long-struggling Japanese Facebook rival since last June, will be replaced with Hiroki Morita, an executive officer managing the recent hit social game Monster Strike.

The release said that this financial year Mixi will get black inc, moves from its business reconstruction phase to regrowth phase.

Japan Likely To Have The First Chromebook Acer C720

Impress PC Watch reported [J] that Japanese Google Play Store has an Acer C720 Chromebook page with “近日発売”(Coming Soon)


No Chromebook, or PC with Chrome OS pre-installed, has been sold in Japanese market.

Un-breakout – Burokku-Kuzushi Game Reversed


Burokku Kuzusasnu (not destructing blocks) is a new browser game released by @utyo on January 19, and quickly buzzed in Japan.


The game is based on Brokku Kuzushi (block destruciton), a category points clone games of legendary 1972 Atari Breakout. But on this Burokku Kuzusanu, your goal is totally opposite, try not to break blocks.

Yahoo! Messenger [J] To Shut Down

Yahoo! Japan announced [J] that it would terminate its messenger service “Yahoo! Messenger” at 3 p.m. on March 26, 2014.


Yahoo! Messenger was one of the most popular messenger services for Japanese Internet users, competed against Skype and MSN Messenger. (MSN Messenger, aka Windows Live Messenger, was also stopped after Microsoft got Skype)


Yahoo! Japan and U.S. Yahoo! are/were not the same company, used different account system. As a result of that, Yahoo! Messengers are also different between English and Japanese, which means English Yahoo! Messenger users could not chat with Japanese Yahoo! Messenger users, different from MSN Messenger and Skype.

Yahoo! Japan commented that the number of the active users is drastically decreasing recently, makes them difficult to maintain the service.

The end of the announcement page guided the users to migrate to three other communication services Yahoo! Japan provides, mobile messenger Kakao Talk (Yahoo! Japan jointly invested Kakako Talk Japan), free web mail Yahoo! Mail(which is again not the U.S. Yahoo! Mail) and recently released smartphone e-mail app Yahoo! Communication Mail.

The decreasing of the active users must be primarily by Line’s growth. mobile messenger service Line is taking 50 million domestic users.