“Eternal Uprise” Released For Western Market

KLab, Inc. [J] has released “Eternal Uprising” for global Mobage as a culturalized version for western audiences of the social game “Shinkai No Requiem.”

Culturalization is about making adjustments to respect preferences, customs, and culture, not just about translating the words (localization).  Already KLab has released [J] their first exclusive title for the global market “Lord of the Dragons” from September 14th, and it has earned a popular status overseas taking the number 1 [J] ranking for free games at the American App Store.  This time, “Eternal Uprising” is the first Japanese hit title to be culturalized for the global market, and San Francisco’s KLab America will undertake the culturization based on study results of the North american and European markets.  Currently “Eternal Uprising” is being offered as a native application for Android, and from now is also planned to be compatible with iOS.

Translation authorized by VSMedia

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