QuinnApp Releases Cabaret Hostess Game “Moshi Caba ~Cinderella Story~”

QuunApp, Inc. [J] has released the iOS game application “Moshi Caba ~Cinderella Story~” (If Cabaret ~Cinderella Story~).  Download is free.

“Moshi Caba ~Cinderella Story~” is a cabaret girl simulation game where you become a cabaret girl and experience the world of the night.  Users customize their avatar, put on rare dresses and get into name battles where they provide hospitality to VIP customers.  There are over 600 cabaret dresses appearing in the game, and what’s more, you can freely set your avatar combining accessories, makeup, and hairstyles.  Red light district hosts, visual bands, IT company presidents and other handsome customers come to the shop one by one, and if you satisfy VIP customers you can get limited presents.  Even more, if you progress in the game, you will be able to enjoy managing the shop as the owner of your own establishment.

[app id:543126695] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

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