“GALAXY SAGA” Released For Overseas Market

Applibot Inc. [J] has released the iOS social game application “GALAXY SAGA”  for the overseas market.  Download is free but it cannot be used from Japan.

“GALAXY SAGA” is a space adventure card battle game where you engage in multe-faceted missions and battles on the galactic stage.  It has a space science fiction theme, and it starts off from the point of military intervention of the mysterious power “Dark Matter” in the “second galactic war” in which the three nations “Galaxy Empire Malka,” “Space Alliance Vejim,” and “Planet Republic Norch” are engaged.  The player becomes a commanding officer of resistance organization “Trinity,” which the three nations newly formed to oppose “Dark Matter.”  You pass missions and events, gather and train comrades, build the most powerful alliance and stand against “Dark Matter.”

[app id:560434106] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

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