mixi Opens “Petite Jete” Monthly Clothing Delivery Service

Mixi Inc. [J] has opened the fashion EC site Petite jete [J] targeted towards working women in their 20s.
“Petite jete” is the second stage of a new business continuing from the Android app distribution service DeployGate, [J] and from August 21st a teaser site has been opened. [J]  It’s a service which delivers clothing once a month for 4200 yen a month (first month 3150 yen), and company employees can choose one of various suggested fashion items in the “item selection period” from the first to the 5th of every month.  5 items such as shirts or jerseys are prepared for this month.  They will be presenting items to match the season every month, and style cards which have outfits recommended by stylists will also be included in the packaging.  At first the service will only be developing one size fits all items, but they will consider expanding their size selection.
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