North American Avatar Online Community TinierMe Links Up With Historical Manga Hetalia

G-Crest Inc. [J] is doing a tie-up with the nation anthropomorphication comic and anime Hetalia [J] through TinierMe [J], an avatar online community being developed for overseas centered on North America.
“Hetalia” is a historical comedy work which personifies nations, posted on Himaruya Hidekazu’s own website.  AT first it was posted as a web comic, but after that it has been developed for print, animation, drama CD, movie, and cross media.  It is currently supported by many fans not only in Japan but also overseas.  The tie-up now going on with TinierMe is going to offer avatar costume items via capsule toys that let you “cosplay” as Hetalia’s “Allied Nations” main characters “America,” “England,” “France,” “Russia,” and China.”  To play the capsule game one time costs 300G (gold).
Also, the same company has also been carrying out [J] a tie-up of the same sort via the Japanese service  @games [J].
Hetalia 5 Axis Powers Special Costume Version

Anime “Hetalia Axis Powers” Special Price DVD-BOX1


Hetalia Axis Powers Monthly Calendar 2013

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