Satirical Blog By Popular Manga Artist Released As iPhone App

Burg Hamburg Burg Inc. [J] has released the public viewer application of the popular blog “Onna Ni Horesasu Meigen Shuu.” [J] (Love Struck By Women Wise Words Compilation)
“Onna Ni Horesasu Meigen Shuu” is a blog comprised of “Love Struck Phrases” and “Illustrations” of sexy young men, updated by the manga artist Jigoku No Misawa San who runs a series in the magazine “Jump Square.”  The current release of “Jigoku No Misawa Love Struck By Women Wise Words Compilation Public App” is optimized for viewing the blog on an iPhone as a native app, and all of the 1000 or so phrases from its beginning in 2009 until present are compiled so you can see the cool wise words from the cool fresh young guys.  It is linked with the creator’s blog, so the newest wise words will automatically be updated.
Cool and Cute Declaration! 1 (Jump Comics)
Jigoku No Misawa
by G-Tools
Translation authorized by VSMedia

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