mixi, KONAMI Release Smartphone Virtual World “mixi Park”

mixi, Inc. [J] and Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. [J] have jointly released mixi Park, [J] a 3D virtual space for smartphones which operates together with the SNS mixi. [J]  It has been opened as a native application for iOS and Android, and both are free to download.
“mixi Park” is a service which allows you to create your own avatar and make communication.  You can enjoy various forms of communication, such as avatar actions depending on tweet contents, or greeting a my mixi face by touch.  As well as easily being able to make your own avatar by taking a picture of your face with the smartphone camera, it’s possible to freely customize 26 parts in all such as face, body, and clothing, and they are planning in time to add virtual items such as clothing and accessories.  In the center of “mixi Park” is the “plaza,” where you can engage in communication beyond text-based style, such as by poking avatars with the smartphone’s touch panel, and it’s also possible to get a reaction by tweeting through “mixi Park.”
Konami Digital Entertainment, from Japan, will offer “Yuru Veggie Farm” and “Just Like a Museum,” mixi games that can be played straight from “mixi Park” with a user avatar.  Also they are planning in time to offer more “mixi Games” which operate together with mixi Park.

Android version here [J]
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