Mixi Starts New Service For Sending Real Birthday Presents

mixi [J] has announced that from August 2012 they will launch “O Todoke Bin” (Notification Mail) as a new service of mixi Birthday [J].  Frenxxo [J] will carry out development and management.
With “Notification Mail,” it will become possible to purchase goods from a list starting with over 50 articles of interior miscellaneous goods and accessories , and you can give presents together with messages to “My Miku” mixi friends on their birthdays.  When giving a present, the sender doesn’t need to enter the other person’s address.  The receiver handles procedures for their address, and the mixi birthday executive office handles the delivery.  To commemorate the launch of “Notification Mail” on mixi, they will be making a “0 yen sponsor gift.”  With the “0 yen sponsor gift,” you can send your friends free of charge a total of 4,050 items of these 4 products: “Honeybee March Gift” (soap gift) and “Space Girl” (for bath use) by Lush Japan, “JANJAN Yakisoba Sauce” by Ace Cook, and “SOYJOY” by Otsuka Seiyaku.
“mixi Birthday” started service from digital gifts in February 2012, and already it has surpassed a total of 9.5 million celebrations.  Also, they have decided to make the “10 million times achievement campaign” which will give the 10 millionth sender and receiver each a 100,000 yen H.I.S. travel voucher.
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