Colopl Opens Location Based Sorcery Card Battle Game

Colopl [J] has launched new game “Inyou No Michi – Taishou Gensou Roku” (Road of Yin and Yang – Taishou Illusions Log) offered by Nijibox [J] for the location based service “Colopl.”
“Inyou No Michi – Taishou Gensou Roku” is a game where the user becomes a sorcerer and collects beautiful divination cards.  You aim to be a strong sorcerer while collecting beautiful divinations through “Duties,” “Gacha,” Secret Treasure,” and such.  It has “pilgrimage” functions which allow you to get “Loke pt” (Location points) which use colopl’s characteristic location registration and respond to distance traveled.  When you collect “Loke pt,” you can turn the pilgrimage gacha (capsule machine).  Also they are planning to soon add the function of being able to get original local divinations from each region, using location registration.  This  allows you to get rare divinations when you go to each region and log in, and when you attain mastery of all regions’ divinations, you can also get precious limited divinations.
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