“Tap Ninja” Released By Kayac For iOS

Omoshiro Houjin Kayac
has released “Tap Ninja,” an iOS dashing action game app.  Download is free.
“Tap Ninja” is an action game where you control a ninja running through the night streets as you tap the screen.  While defeating enemies and avoiding obstacles, you aim for high score by acquiring coins and by your distance run.  Things that stand in the way of the ninja’s path include enemy ninjas and animals, flames and boulders; tap the screen to kill enemies while jumping over obstacles, pick up fallen coins, and aim for the distance.  Score up by completing missions, and compete with friends on the leader board.
Translation authorized by VSMedia
[Update 2012-07-13] There was a misspell. Kayak is an US web service. Kayac is the one in Japan and released Tap Ninja.

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