Social Farm Game “Minna De Bokujou Monogatari” Hits 5 Asian Contries

ONE-UP has begun service of “Minna De Bokujou Monogatari”[J] (Farm Tale For All), a PC online game, in 5 countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.
“Minna De Bokujou Monogatari” is a browser simulation based on the consumer title “Bokujou Monogatari,” released in 1996 and subsequently converted into a series.  While interchanging with other players, you manage your own farm in this “pioneer” agriculture game, and it’s now being offered as a Nico Nico App and as a Yahoo! Mobage social game.  This time the overseas version of “Minna De Bokujou Monogatari” is being developed in a business partnership through Run Up Games Distribution Ltd., and the Chinese language version will be supported on Facebook.
Bokujou Monogatari Official Illustration of all 27 Complete Works from Super Famicom “Bokujou Monogatari” to the 3DS “Hajimari No Daichi”

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