Keroro And Other Characters Invade Ameba Pigg

CyberAgent [J] has opened up “Narikiri Dori” (Transformation Ave.), a new area in their virtual space Ameba Pigg, [J] where you can enjoy dressing up as popular characters from animes like Shin Seiki Evangelion [J] and “Keroro Gunsou” [J] (Sergent Keroro).
“Narikiri Dori” is a new area based on Akihabara, and approximately 50 types of virtual items are sold for enjoying “cos-play” exclusively in this area, such as Ayanami Rei, EVA-01 Test Type and other character garb from “Shin Seiki Evangelion,” “Keroro Gunsou”’s character costume, and maid clothes used at the popular maid cafe in Akihabara “@Ho~me Cafe,” [J] etc.  Also, users dressed up in costume can be randomly projected onto the big street-vision screen and get a chance to have communication with fellow users.

(EVANGELION:1.11) [Blu-ray] [J]

Keroro Gunsou (23) (Kadokawa Comics) [J]

Ameba Pigg Official Guide Book [J]

The Apple of Happiness – Tales which really happened on Ameba Pigg [J]

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