Magazine For Horse Racing Social Games Published By Enterbrain

Enterbrain [J] has launched “Keiba Keitai Game Collection” (Horse Racing Mobile Phone Game Collection), a magazine specialized in social games with a horse racing motif.  Cover Price is 680 yen.
“Keiba Keitai Game Collection” includes new titles starting from this spring, and it also introduces 10 horse racing social game titles now offered on GREE and Mobage.  Starting from the game summary, it introduces tips and tricks for raising strong racehorses.  Also it comes with limited capsule tickets from which rare cards can definitely be drawn and other limited items.
Compiled titles include the following:
1 Million People’s Winning Post / Dream Stallion / Derby × Derby / Legend of Derby’s King / Horse Racing Tale ~Derby Meister~ / Derby Spirits / Paka Paka Derby / Horse Collection! Derby Live G / Owner’s Horse / Derby Grand Prix
Translation authorized by VSmedia

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