Location Game Shirotsuku Ties It Up With Job Offer Site

Cave Inc. [J] has announced the commencement of “Predict Job Luck With Lucky Prospects 47 Fortune,” [J] a tie-up campaign with “47Kyujin.com (47 prefectures job offer site)” [J] managed by F47Kyujin Site Joint Committee, [J] via “Shirotsuku,” [J] Cave’s location based game for GREE and Mobage.  The term period will be until April 26th.
In this campaign, one time every day in Shirotsuku you draw a “Job Luck Fortune Paper” and collect 5 pieces of the 47 prefecture map of Japan, so that you can make a complete map of Japan.  When you arrange them all, you can get the limited appearance item “Ishigakiyama Ichiya Castle” which allows you to change the outward appearance of the castle.

Shirotsuku Official Goods Complete Guide (Limited Press) [J]

Magi-Q 4 Koma shirotsuku (Magi-Q Comics) [J]

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