CyberAgent Releases Android Application “Pigg Talk”

CyberAgent [J] has released the Android application “Pigg Talk.” [J]  In concert with this, the functions of the smart phone version of Ameba Pigg [J] have also been enhanced.  Download is free.
“Pigg Talk” is an application that allows group chat with companion “Pigg Tomo” friends from within Ameba Pigg.  It works in conjunction with the PC version of Ameba Pigg, so it enables chat which straddles the bounds between platforms.  Also, you can make your way over to friends’ rooms and do “Good Pigg” (a function for praising other members.)
Furthermore, in addition to the “Change Clothes,” “Coordination Log,” “Shop,” and “Capsule Toys Machine” functions available until now on the smartphone version of Ameba Pigg (Browser), “My Room” and “Going Out Function” have been added.
When you click on the “Going Out” button, you can go to plazas divided by category.

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