App Store #1 Ranking “Gang Road” Social Card Game Offered For Mobage

CyberAgent’s consolidated subsidiary company Appli bot, [J] who plan and manage applications for smartphone, have released the social card game “Furyoudou~Gang  Road~”, which held the #1 ranking top seller for Japan’s App Store, for Mobage.
“Gang Road” is based around the concept of a “scoundrel’s passion story game.” Set in the corners and alleys of an underground inner city society, you collect various types of gang cards and aim to be the strongest gang team.  With features like quests where you take out enemy characters to advance, synthesized components allowing 4 phases of evolution, and advanced production effects, it began its distribution as an iOS applicaion from February 6th and gained the number one top sales ranking at the Japan App Store merely ten days later.  “Gang Road” offered for Mobage can be played on both Android and iOS phone models.
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