App For Sliding On Bald Mens’ Heads: “Hage-mu” Reaches 400,000 Downloads

Downloads of “Hage-mu” (Bald Game in English version, comes from “hage(bald)” and “game”), an iPhone application for gliding on the bald heads of guys from around the world offered by CYDER, [J] have topped over 400,000.  As a commemoration of its release, it is now being offered on sale for a price of 85 yen.
“Hage-mu” is a game application where you balance a snowboard on top of a bald guy’s head and try not to slip off, and it recorded 200,000 downloads in Japan within a week of its release.  In its sequel “Hage-mu 2”, [J] you get the flag stuck in his head, and also included is the “world baldness ferry” which takes you to the next resort (bald head).  It’s also supported on Game Center and Facebook, and you can share your score with other users.
Furthermore, presently “Hage-mu” and “Hage-mu 2” are both available for free.
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