Toyota Releases “Social Network Racer” For Facebook And “FT86 World Report” For iPhone

Toyota [J] has released a promotional pro racing game “Social Network Racer” for Facebook.
“Social Network Racer” is designed to enhance global recognition of the “FT-86II Concept” model, which will be officially opened to the public at the Tokyo Motor show in December.  Users compete for time with others on the virtual circuit, and the person who clocks in at the fastest time will be registered as a record holder in the game.  By acquiring points it’s also possible to remodel your machine.  In addition they are also holding the “TOYOTA CHAMPIONSHIP,” targeted at foreign Facebook users.  The champion racer can, by lottery, be invited to the Tokyo Motor Show and participate in the world premier of the “FT-86II Concept.”

What’s more, Toyota has released the iPhone application “FT-86 World Report,” about the new model FR Sport, also scheduled to make its first appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show in December.  Download is free.
In “FT-86 World Report,” users become a reporter, take photos of FT-86s running throughout the world, and submit them in this AR (Augmented Reality) App.  When the app starts up and you peek through the iPhone camera, a virtual FT-86 appears over the actual scenery on the iPhone screen.  When you save this picture and post it on the FT-86 World Report Site([updated 2013-05] the site seems to be terminated and squatted by SEO spammer so took the link down.), it is added to an interactive movie open to the public all over the world.
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