HONDA Releases App For Facebook “Face Game Book”

HONDA [J] has released “face game book” [J],  an old school “game book” style puzzle solving game application for facebook.
face game book” [J] is a promotional game application for their new model “FREED,” and was originally developed in cooperation with the “mystery” event group “SCRAP,” who have until now been frequently making “Real Dasshutsu Games” (Real Escape Games).  In the game, the user becomes a great detective who lives in the world of Facebook Town, which has lost its “chodoii” (just right).  In order to take back the lost “chodoii,” the player finds out the three chodoii clues: △, □ and 〇, and solves the mystery.  By lottery, one person among the applicants who have solved the riddle and cleared the game will be presented with the actual “FREED Hybrid Just Selection.”
Translation by VSMedia

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