D3Producer Release iPhone App “Dream Club Pure Clock Amane ~ Preview Version ~”

D3Publisher [J] has begun distribution of “Dream Club Pure Clock Amane ~ Preview Version ~”, an iPhone application version of their popular title, “Dream Club.” [J]  Download is free.
“Dream Club” is a popular romance simulation game series released by D3P.  The recent work “Dream Club ZERO Portable” is due to be released on PS Vita.
“Dream Club Pure Clock” was made available for Android on July 24th, but now at last it will be available for iOS.  By touching and tilting the screen, host-girl “Amane” responds, saying various remarks, becoming happy or shy, and the player enjoys her many reactions.  Also included will be “Live 2D” technology, which converts 2D illustrations into 3D, so it will be possible to make the appearance close to that of the Xbox 360 version.  A full package update is planned to be released for Android and iPhone in the Fall, which will include an “alarm clock function” and a “time reading out loud function.”

DREAM CLUB ZERO PORTABLE(Original Gift Enclosed: Limited costume: “Dream Panther” Product Code Included [J]

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