GREE Also Moves to Tablet, Developing Partners’ Smartphone Apps Automatically Optimized

GREE [J] has announced that they will expand their “GREE Platform for smartphone” into “GREE Platform” for Android tablets and iPad. Developing partners’ smartphone applications will be automatically optimized for tablet.
Some titles which GREE currently offers for smartphone have already been set up to be compatible with tablets, and other titles are planned to be made available in turn. From now, all publicly available smartphone web applications will automatically be optimized for tablet, and developing partners (below-mentioned GREE partners), without needing any additional development, will now be able to develop for two types of devices. Also, it has been decided that GREE for Android tablet will be pre-installed in both Fujitsu and Acer Android tablets being sold from the Fall of 2011.
Furthermore, from this Fall, Gree will begin to offer a native application development environment compatible with Android tablet and iPad. In this first phase, “Destroy Gunners Z” by Shade, “Real Skijump HD for GREE” by Prope, and “Ragdoll” by Matrix are all panned to be released. Also PSOFT’s “AR Missile” has been announced to be released for iPad.
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