Typhoon Hitting Tokyo, Trains Stop Again

(Tokyo Amesh – rainfall amount map)
Huge typhoon No.15 is hitting Tokyo area now. Several photo reports are circulated on Japanese Twitter.
In Shibuya, fallen tree hit a taxi.
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Ginza street is also dangerous.

Twitter Japanese trending topics are all typhoon related. Many companies seemed to encourage their workers to head their home earlier. The number of refugees who are unable to go back to their home may be reduced if compare with the March earthquake. However, there are still many remaining in the central Tokyo, as most train lines have to stop or get delayed.
Public transportation information service Navitime site [J] is showing how many train lines are reported delay/stop.

Yahoo! Japan’s top 20 hot keywords [J] are all occupied by train line names except 13th “blackout”, which is happening in few area around Tokyo.

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