Colopl Releases Collectable “Local Hello Kitty” Location Game

Colopl [J], which also runs the location information service platform “Colopula,” has released the new game “Go Tochi Kitty Collection” (Local Kitty Collection).
In this game, a location game offered by Imagineer [J] and licensed by Sanrio [J] as well as ASunARosyA [J], while traveling all over Japan with Hello Kitty, you collect various place’s “Local Kitty” and coordinate them with your own room.  In the actual registered locations, and by traveling in a balloon with Hello Kitty within the game, you can get a hold of your destination’s Local Kitty photo and stuffed animals.  Also you can coordinate your room with collected stuffed animals and items purchased from the shop within the game, and furthermore you can enjoy the many kinds of Hello Kitties fitted with local clothing by putting special stuffed animals you obtained from advancing in the game.
Finally, by way of obtaining location information from places you actually visited with shops participating in the nation-wide “Local Kitty Collection,”  the game also includes the feature of real cooperating shops where you can get special items.
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