Voltage’s Romance Game For Girls “Pirates In Love” Advance Overseas

Voltage company has begun to offer “Koi ni Ochita Kaizoku Ou,” one of their popular games from the “Koibito Game” series on their official website, in an English version intended for overseas applications on iPhone and Android as “PIRATES IN LOVE.” This marks the first part of the “Romance Sims” series aimed for North America. Download is free.
Although “PIRATES IN LOVE” is a game application equivalent to “Koi ni Ochita Kaizoku Ou,” characters intended for overseas have been added, and the production is said to have a more friendly world view. The gameplay also utilizes high resolution graphics and touch screen features for smart phones. The music and sound will soak you in the feeling of the game world, and all the while the story will be thoroughly enjoyable. This application is free to download, but you can also enjoy a love story with selected paid characters.
“Pirates in Love” for the iPhone can be downloaded here:
Pirates In Love - Voltage inc.
Ⓒ Voltage
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  1. The first time I bought it (Russel) it worked and was great. But the second time I bought Eduodo and it crashed but stll used my money! So I tried it with Nathan and it crashed again! And STILL used my money! I want my money back!!!!!

    1. A Japanese comment on App Store says that the paid scenario can be downloaded again after removing it, which I can not guarantee as I myself do not try. Please consult to the publisher. 

        1. She suggested to uninstall the broken one then you will be able to download the same one for free on the app.
          I did not try the app so I do not know if it works. It is always safe to ask the seller’s support.

      1. I have tried doing this; you do not have to repurchase the character, but mine was still broken afterwards.

    2. If you delete the app and then add it again you can download the new story without a crash 🙂 don’t worry if it says you have to download it again, at the last second it will recognize that you bought it and download it for free 🙂
      Btw nathan’s the best 😉

      1. Do you know if we need to sync the itouch before we re-download the app? Also, will the already bought roommates be there again? I bought Russell and when I tried getting Nathan, I got the same problem as Amy99…=____=

      2. Do you know if we need to sync the itouch before we re-download the app? Also, will the already bought roommates be there again? I bought Russell and when I tried getting Nathan, I got the same problem as Amy99…=____=

        1. Yes, if you redownload the character on the same account you used to buy it, it will be free. You do not need to sync your itouch[etc.]

      1. Hey don’t worry just choose the right choices … Maybe u should try to choose the mOst romantic choices

  2. Why cant you guys make the game for iphone 3gs cause i have the 3gs and I cant play it );

  3. need to used money to buy their room                    i am very hurt=.=

  4. I had problems the first time I played the game, where I bought Nathan and played his story perfectly fine, but when I bought Eduardo it kept exiting the app. So, I uninstalled it, synced my iPod, and re-installed it. Now, I have all 6 pirates with little problems (such as words skipping, but I can look at “record” for that), and it is a very enjoyable game! Hope to see a sequel to this soon! 😉

  5. Are all  the stories different? I have Nathan’s and I’m pleased with how the story progressed. But, I’m hesitant to bye another for fear it will be the same exact story and not be as romantic or surprising as it was the first time with Nathan. Should I or shouldn’t I?

  6. First I bought edwardo and Russell and neither would even load!!! It would just freeze… I tried to re load it and that didn’t help! I have the iPhone 4 so I have the right platform… I also tried deleting the app and installing it back that did nothing. I seriously don’t understand! I can’t play anything but the prologue. 🙁 help?

  7. Purchased Russel however it says my order is processing and i’m unable to play it. Emailed voltage with no response, uninstalled and reinstalled but have had no luck in getting ths game to work

  8. For ones who are wondering, this game works perfectly fine with an itouch 4 with 5.1 IOS. (same with “My Forged Marriage” which is the other iPhone app introduced by voltage) I’ve downloaded multiple Characters and had no troubles with any of them

    1. so the game works with 5.1.1? because i still have not updated my system, but i did update my game, and mow my game won;t work…

    2. i also bought 2 new main stories, but i couldn’t download them because of ‘failed communications’, which is why i tried to update it

  9. I’m using an android galaxy S2.and I have this game and I love it!!! However….. Thomas and Morgan is not available yet…. does anybody know when is both avaailable to play?? Please let me know because I want to play this game as soon as possible!!!

        1. Are you sure you have the same phone? Because no matter how I try, I can’t get those two.

  10. I love all the characters in this game. I bought all the characters and play this in ipad. All have different stories. And I love the best is Christopher and Russel.

  11. I can’t get it to lode on my iphone. It will start then it will say “stop application” and I have to click yes. I don’t understand! I got the app for free! How can I play it if it won’t let me? It even sais the same on the Weding one! T_T I was realy geting excided to play it to……sniffles T_T

  12.  Thomas is by far my favorite, he’s SOOOO cute! 😀 (And closer to my age, I guess that plays a factor in my attraction to him…) 

  13. Can we download the app in another phone and would it still have the data we had before?

  14. Alright I’m having a problem, I can’t seem to download any of the stories and it’s driving me crazy!! I been wanting to play this game forever and when I finally got it I can’t seem to play it! What is going!!!

  15. I play eduarddo at first and it was cool and alove happy ending ^^ i will play russell now and all is free =^_*= heheh
    coz i hack the game ^_* hehehe

    1. Wow, way to go to jeopardize English Otome games! Doesn’t matter that the English Otome market needs all the support it can get, right? It only matters that you can play your games free. -_- And you’re proud of pirating a game? How disgusting..

  16. So, This might be a stupid question but, can you download it straight to your computer?

  17. I have the (pirates in love)app in my iPod and buyed some characters and if I download the same app in my iphone using the same account,do I have to buy the characters again?

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