Gakufu Camera: Camera Over Music Score Plays Sound

Gakufu Camera [J] (gakufu = music score) is an iPhone app released by music instrument vendor Kawai. The camera application lets you scan music score by camera, recognize musical notes in real-time, play the recognized notes.

(“the world’s first real-time music score recognition”, as they claim. probably on smartphone I guess.)
The app can recognize not only printed score but handwritten ones.

Playing demo starts around 0:25 on the movie above. Personally, it is not what I imagined first when I saw the news. It seems almost impossible “to play” as you need to take correct timings, it gives you tones of the symbols but no length info. However, it may still good tool for people studying how to read scores.
The app costs 350 yen (US$5) at iTunes App Store, seems only in Japan at now.
via IT Media

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