Opt Offers Social Recommendation Application Market “myappee” Also In Coordination With T-points

Opt has begun to implement the social recommendation application market “myappee,” which knows which Android apps are popular based on “Like this” and user tweets. New applications are also open for registration [J].
Myappee is a service which introduces popular applications for Android. It combines “ranking.” “recommended,” and “points” to introduce the truly most popular applications to the user. It aggregates users’ word of mouth (tweets, Facebook “Like,” etc.) with download count using and original algorithm, in cooperation with Twitter and Facebook, and is also able to introduce applications recommended by friends.
It is also linked with T point, a service by Culture Convenience Club (CCC). It grants users one point for every 100 yen (US$1.2) spent on applications, and likewise points can be used to purchase applications. From now, during the campaign period, points will also be granted for free application downloads, and the service will be offered to T members for a special price.
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