Public Service AC Commercial Buzz Pulls More Parody Videos

We reported that placeholder public service commercial buzzed crazy a week after the Eastern Japan Disasters. This AC commercial film parodies have been being added more and more.
Each of cartoon character on the original ads calling people in society to greet and care each other, now has its own derivative works by mainly users of Nico Nico Douga, a big Japanese movie sharing service.
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Great Arigatousagi (Arigatou=thank you, Usagi = rabit)
King Sayonaraion (Sayonara=see you, Raion = Lion)
Hyper Ohayounagi (Ohayou=good morning, Unagi = eel)
Konnichiwan Powered (Konnichiwa=hello, wan = woof)
Sonic Tadaimanbou (Tadaima=I’m back, Manbou = headfish)
Miracle Konbanwani (Konbanwa=good evening, Wani = alligator)
Ultimate Oyasuminasai (Oyasuminasai=good night, Sai = rhino)
Lightening Aisatsubouya (Aisatsubouya=greeting boy)
And, the opening theme of the fictional anime series featuring these animals and kids,
There are over 300 fan-made movies under the tag “攻強皇國機甲” [J, registration required], which pronounces the same as “公共広告機構”(Advertising Council Japan) but the letters mean “Imperial Armored Assault” or something like that.

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