Japanese Media Artist Uses Poo And Fart To Explain Nuclear Crisis

I wrote “Poo is a magic word for primary-school children. It is an universal motif and will work even 100 years later” before. It does not change even at the disaster in Japan.  A Japanese media artist Hachiya Kazuhiko has explained nuclear crisis in a Youtube video, using the poo and fart.

English subtitles version

At first, he has explained nuclear crisis on Twitter [J], using the poo and fart. Afterward, he drew an cartoon and uploaded it on YouTube. Nuclear Boy(Fukushima nuclear power plant) said, “My tummy hurts…I can not hold my poo any longer…”  and he broke wind a bit.  On the other hand, Chernobyl leaked poo. Besides, it was diarrheal stool and he ran around. It’s unbelievable tragedy!
If everybody is wise, the difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl will be able to be understood. The fart is certainly stinking. However, it is better than leaking diarrheal stool.
Chinese subtitles version

Spanish subtitles version

French subtitles version

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