Follow Up: myGengo Announces First Round of API Lab Winners

Following up our previous coverage of human translation company myGengo’s API Lab, the company has announced its first round of winners for plug-ins created using the myGengo API. So far 6 developers have won cash prizes for their 18 plug-ins that will allow thousands of users to order human translation services from within mobile, browser, or blogging platforms, to name a few. For their plug-ins, these 6 winning developers have been awarded almost $15,000. The API Lab is still open to developers, with over 20 platforms and $30,000 up for grabs. myGengo has also added 5 more platforms in response to community feedback.
Featured plugins:
WordPress, Gonzalo Huerta
Developed by a Ph.D. candidate at KAIST, Korea, this plug-in allows users to order and receive myGengo translations from within the popular blogging platform, opening up the potential for truly multilingual blogs.
Firefox, Tito Bouzout
Developed by a Uruguayan developer,  this plug in allows users to highlight online content online content written in foreign languages, right-click, and order translations from myGengo. According to myGengo CTO Matt Romaine, “Japanese friends of the myGengo team are already using the extension to read popular tech blogs.”
Ruby on Rails, Vladimir Penkin
Developed by a Russian developer in Moscow, this plug-in includes fully-functional framework that allows users to add a human translation feature to any website built through Rails. It includes generated views, controllers and models for managing translations.

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