BREAKING: DeNA Officially Launches Mobage to All English Speaking Countries and China

In a truly global rollout, DeNA has just announced that Mobage social games platform for Android has just been released in English-speaking countries around the world as well as China.
Mobage is immediately available for download on Android in these markets, with more than 100 game titles currently in development for English-speaking markets. DeNA aims to deliver a constant supply of socially enabled games, many debuting on Android for the very first time.
For China, Mobage has introduced two popular Japanese social game apps localized for the Chinese market including Ninja Royale and Aqua Collection, with eight more games to follow by the end of August.

Since the arms race of partnerships and acquisitions by DeNA and Gree of international gaming platforms late last year, we have been eagerly awaiting to see both companies make major advances to align strategy, resources, and technology to push their brands globally forward. It would seem that this announcement by DeNA means the first major step forward into the global market since their acquisition of ngmoco:) in October of last year.
Mobage Android apps are developed using ngmoco’s ngCore game engine, allowing developers to release games across different devices and regions from a single source code.
The full Mobage ecosystem will be supported for these markets, including the social networking capabilities to communicate and meet like-minded players, developer support, and advertising network.

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