AKB360: Experience The Town On Your Desktop Anywhere

AKB360[J], is it a new group derived from popular J-pop girl band AKB48? Consisting of so many as 360 teen girls? Not at all.
That’s the name of a web-based virtual metaverse that Akihabara-based web development company DON[J] (pronounced as “De-Oh-En”) has introduced last week, and it focuses on allowing you to experience the town by walking inside buildings or on streets as if you were.
It allows you to not only virtually walk along the streets such as Google StreetView, but also get inside 18 maid cafes in the town. In a couple of months, another 30 maid cafes will be added, and you really can learn how those look like before you check in. The company wants an illustrated mascot for promoting the service, and its entries are accepted through February 28th.

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