Say Media To Sell Six Apart Japan And The Brand To Infocom

Six Apart Japan, a 100% subsidiary of Say Media, who bought a blog service company Six Apart (U.S.) in September 2010, announced [J] that the whole stock of the company will be sold from Say Media to a Japanese company Infocom soon.
According to the announcement, Six Apart Japan takes the “Six Apart” trademark, keeps its Japanese site and the original English site
Their blog application Movable Type will be handed over to Six Apart Japan. Six Apart Japan will provide the application and its support to worldwide.
TypePad stays in Say Media and Six Apart Japan becomes the local distributor for TypePad Pro. TypePad Micro is directly served by Say Media to Japanese users.
Six Apart Japan said to have 40 employees at January 2008.
The president Nobuhiro Seki will stay the position, but one of Japan’s most influential web engineers/geeks Tatsuhiko Miyagawa leaves his operating officer post and stays at Say Media as he tweeted [En].
[Update] English Six Apart official blog now has an announcement post by Nobuhiro Seki.

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