Livlis: Twitter-Based Barter Service

It’s no secret anymore that Japan loves Twitter, and as such, there’s a whole bunch of Twitter-based services coming out of Japan. One of these is a new site called Livlis, which lets users list up stuff they are willing to give away (computers, books, cell phones and other things).
Other users can indicate their interest in items by clicking the “I want this!” or “Like” buttons placed below every offer. It’s also possible to indicate which items you own or you would like to get from other Livlis users (who can then contact you about them).
Users log in with their Twitter accounts and (needless to say) can tweet out just about anything they do or find on the site to their followers.
Here are four items currently listed on Livlis:

This screen shot shows a deal that’s already over:

As Livlis is created as a barter service, the main bullet point here is the absence of money and the reliance on trust among the members. Much like the remotely similar service Sharemo, Livlis is based on a point system: users “pay” for items by using points (which they can collect by listing up items, inviting other members to join the site, etc.)
Launched last month, Livlis is free to use. The service requires an invitation, but it’s possible to browse the (many) items listed without being logged in.
You can register without an invitation.

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