Lion Introduces Restroom Finder For Students To Have Exams W/O Worrying About Diarrhea

In the days from January to March, it is very hard time for high school graduates and prep-school students because of taking entrance exams for universities/colleges of their choices.   They are always nervous.  Not a few of the students suffer from diarrhea before the exams.  Poor thing.
Lion Corporation, a 220 year-old sanitary and pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Tokyo, has introduced the iPhone app that allows you to find a nearest restroom at the exam venues whenever you want to take a shit.   This is a promotion of their medicine for diarrhea.

The iPhone app, which is named @Toilet College, shows you a location map of restrooms by entering the name of college/university or by the GPS detecting and helps you concentrate on the exams.   Furthermore, the company set up a virtual shrine for praying for preventing diarrhea[J] on the promotion website. Students are leaving a bunch of posts for their luck for passing exams without experiencing diarrhea during the time, and those will be delivered to a real shrine in Kyoto that has been known for having the god of curing stomachaches.


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