Make Tokyo Meeting 06: Where You Can See Future, Magic And Junk In A Place

Picture above: “Hyper knit creator” Saki Chikaraishi[J] (@hypersaku) wearing the iPhone-like sweater she has knit.
Last weekend, at Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of TechnologyO’reilly Media‘s mechatronics magazine “Make” held the 6th meeting[J] and a bunch of unique gadgets were presented.  Let’s have a look at some of remarkable items.

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AXIS design[J] + 1PAC.Inc.[J]
Loger, an optical measure.  An optical sensor embedded on the measure reads a pattern of five colors printed on a gauge tape, which stands for a specific length in quinary, and the PC connecting to the measure shows you the number of the length on screen.

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Koike Laboratory[J], the University of Electro-communications


Pac Pac Petit, a shooting game that can be controlled by your finger motion.   An overhead camera detects the finger motion and affects the movement of the objects on screen.

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Kentaro Imai
LEGO+Arduino Plays Othello Ver.4.0, an othello game robot matches you.  A camera mounted over the othello board scans black or white in each pieces, and the vehicle-shape robot goes forward/back and turn a piece over with the electromagnet arm when needed.

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Michinobu Uda

Udah, an electronic musical instrument.  It can be played by touching the pipes with your fingers.

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NKH: Nikonama Kikaku Hosokyoku

An e-book reader that works in synchronization with the state of the toilet seat.   As you spin a toilet paper roll, the pages of the e-book will be turned on the reader screen.

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NKH: Nikonama Kikaku Hosokyoku [J]

An e-book reading environment that allows you to read content when staying on a bed.   By shaking your head to left or right, a motion sensor under the pillow (they use Nintendo Wii Fit) will detect the motion and it turns the page back and forward in the image projected to the ceiling without using your hands.

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Ryo Fukuda

A 3-D ad projector that help us forsee the future of digital signage and advertising industry.

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Yuhei Sato and Naohiko Mogami

Media Interior, a virtual window.  By touching the window glass with your fingers, an infrared sensor embedded detects which part you touch and the projected images will be changing according to the finger motion.   You can enjoy the experience as if you would really wipe out the glasses fogged up.

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Snapshots at the scene:

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